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Don’t Mess With (or Learn From) Texas

Monday, June 27th, 2011 | Enterprise Zones, Tax News


The California Legislature’s zeal for job creation is, shall we say, less than stellar.  The consequences are obvious.  They are also highlighted in this Sacramento Bee piece from Sunday.

Texas’ unemployment rate was 8 percent, two-thirds of California’s jobless rate, and its seasonally adjusted year-to-year job growth was a robust 2 percent (2.7 percent in private employment).

“We’ve added 92,300 jobs in Texas so far in 2011,” said TWC Commissioner Ronny Congleton. “That is a trend that we hope to continue until all Texans have good jobs earning good wages.”

Texas had fewer than a million unemployed workers in May while California had more than 2 million. Texas’ jobless rate was under the national average, while California’s was the second highest in the nation. Texas has accounted for nearly half of the nation’s job creation since 2009.

“Growth in the Texas economy is gaining steam,” says a recent analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Clearly, Texas and other states are emerging from recession while California’s recovery, if it exists, is decidedly weak, as several new economic reports note.

It means that millions of jobless workers and their families struggle to keep roofs over their heads and food on their tables.

It means that the state is paying out $600 million a month in unemployment insurance and its jobless benefit fund is already $11 billion in the red.

It means that state and local officials struggle with budget deficits and are slashing education, social and health services, police and fire protection.

California politicians are very defensive – even dismissive – about comparisons with Texas, but the economic differentials between the two states are too stark to ignore.

However they deal with the deficit-ridden state budget in the short term, Gov. Jerry Brown and legislators should move economic competitiveness to the top of their agenda.

Enterprise Zone supporters have long made the claim that the EZ program lowers the amount of unemployment claims the state has to pay by far more than the Program pays out.  California legislators can pay heed, or they can continue to ignore those states that do….and the consequences will be again be obvious. 

California Legislators Travel To Texas for Some Job Creating Tips

Friday, April 15th, 2011 | Enterprise Zones, Tax News


One of the biggest disadvantages facing California employers is, not surprisingly, the unions.

One big finding: labor unions are more powerful in California.

“Andrew Puzder from Carl’s Jr. talked about how the 8-hour work day and the meal breaks (required in California) are harmful, especially for restaurant businesses,” said Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Linda. “Because they may get a truckload of ….teenagers at 2:00 and he’s got to tell half of his staff to take a break while people line up out the door.”

 Read about the entire trip here.

Texas Using Its Enterprise Zone To Lure California Businesses To Texas

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 | Enterprise Zones, Tax News


Texas is “open for business” and using its Enterprise Zone to lure California businesses looking to relocate.  Is Jerry Brown listening?

With shovel ready sites situated in an enterprise zone the Levelland Economic Development Corporation sees the new Levelland Industrial Rail Park as the key to developing a diversified local economy.  By paring this new rail infrastructure with the local skilled workforce and integrating ourselves into the wind energy logistic supply chain, Levelland can take advantage of the expanding renewable energy industry exploding throughout the region.  Levelland also offers opportunities to California businesses considering relocation or expansion by helping reduce the normal stress related with such capital intensive projects.  Our exceptional economic environment, warm weather, famous hospitality and affordable cost of living make Levelland an ideal choice for businesses looking to make a move. Texas Governor Rick Perry says, “Texas Wide Open for Business” and Levelland is a great place to enter the Lone Star State. 

Read it here.

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