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FTB Publishes FAQ Regarding The Caliornia Competes Tax Credits and the Winding Down of the EZ Program

Vouchering Expected to Continue Through 2014

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C&I Tax Consultants are the experts at state and federal credits and refund opportunities. Created by lawyers and accountants, C&I puts cash in your pocket to help reduce your tax burden and increase your cash position.

The California Enterprise Zone Tax Credits offer up to $36,000 in state tax credits for each qualified employee you hire. Find out if you qualify.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides you with a Federal tax credit of $2,400 per qualified employee. Because it’s a Federal credit, every company qualifies for the credit. Find out how to take advantage of this valuable Federal credit.

Are you conducting Research and Development (R&D) to improve your business? If so, have you taken advantage of the 15% state and 20% Federal credits against the time and money spent improving your business or product?

The Hire Act is a Federal exemption from paying the 6.2% payroll tax for new employees and also provides a business tax credit for those employees retain for a year. Find out if your employees qualify.

California’s New Jobs Credit entitles small businesses to a $3,000 credit for new full time employees hired after January 1, 2009.

With the economy in a down cycle, you can’t afford to pass up any California or federal tax credits.

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