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San Bernardino EZ Expands

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 | Enterprise Zones, Tax News


Effective November 8, 2011, the SBVEC has expanded by about 4 square miles.  Read the full story.

San Bernardino Enterprise Zone Spurs New Business

Friday, June 25th, 2010 | Featured Zone

Does the Enterprise Zone program help cities to attract businesses?  Just ask VMAS, a local television station that recently decided to move from Murrieta to San Bernardino, in large part due to the EZ program.

“We took over the station about a year or so ago and we moved to San Bernardino about two or three months ago,” said David Goran, one of the station’s four principals.

Considering that California is in the middle of one of the largest job crises in recent history, it seems like only a matter of time until state politicians realize the importance of the Enterprise Zone program and its effect on local economies.

Inland Empire Companies Continue Using EZ to Hire Employees

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Considering that California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, it is about time that companies begin taking advantage of the enterprise zone hiring tax credits. Reports are showing that businesses operating in the San Bernardino enterprise zone region increased their hiring-related tax credit usage in 2009 compared to previous years.

Andrew Edwards, from The Sun, reports, “In 2009, managers of 99 businesses requested some 940 hiring vouchers, and 857 of those requests were approved. That’s about 57 percent more requests than 75 businesses filed in 2008.  Enterprise zone officials maintain that the hiring credits and other tax incentives made it possible for firms to create 132 new jobs and keep another 725 on the books.  The 99 firms that sought tax incentives during the past year represent only a slice of businesses that could be eligible for enterprise zone-related perks.”

If your business in in San Bernardino or Colton, you may be eligible for numerous tax credits, contact us today to find out which tax credits you can apply for.

Redlands Pushes for Enterprise Zone

Monday, February 1st, 2010 | Featured Zone

Redlands has always been a popular place for businesses to re-locate due to its proximity to the large Southern California metro areas while still maintaining a lower price of living compared to nearby cities. However it appears that the city of Redlands may soon be able to attract companies by being added to the state’s Enterprise Zone program.

If approved it means that the city would be able to attract new businesses while being able to retain current companies with attractive tax credits.

Joy Juedes from ‘The Sun’ reports, “Redlands soon may have another carrot to dangle in front of businesses.
The city Redevelopment Agency is looking into making 200 to 300 acres north of the 10 Freeway part of the San Bernardino Valley Enterprise Zone, according to agency director Dan Hobbs. “It makes Redlands a more attractive place to locate,” said Redlands-based economist John Husing. The San Bernardino Valley Enterprise Zone is part of the state Enterprise Zone project, which targets “economically distressed” areas, Hobbs said.

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