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Nassco Only Applies to Corporate Taxpayers


This from Steve Sims, Taxpayer Advocate in theFTB’s February Tax News:

The Board of Equalization recently ruled in the Appeal of NASSCO Holdings, Inc 2010-SBE-001, November 17, 2010, that a corporate taxpayer may use Enterprise Zone credits and/or the Manufacturing Investment Credit (MIC) to reduce corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT). Since then, I have received many questions on how the FTB is going to implement this ruling. We will be revising Form 100 Schedule P in February 2011. In addition, the NASSCO decision applies only to corporate taxpayers, and does not apply to personal income taxpayers, due in part to differences in how the corporate and personal income tax statutes are drafted. Consequently, personal income taxpayers may not claim the credits at issue in NASSCO in the manner that a corporation could.

The most frequent questions I have heard on this issue are “Can I file an amended return?” and “How will this affect my credit carryover?” Unfortunately, we have yet to determine answers to these questions. Stay tuned however as we are working to get the answers to these questions and more as soon as possible. We will update you in a future Tax News article and possibly a Tax News Flash as information becomes available. In addition, you can go to ftb.ca.gov and search for nassco for additional information.

Steve Sims, EA

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